How it All Started

     Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my shop. I started hand lettering in the Fall of 2019 when my sister got engaged. I saw hand lettering gifts and cards were getting really popular, so I thought I’d give it a shot. At the time, I had just moved to Massachusetts and it was starting to get a little chilly outside. I was getting tired of binge watching TV shows and decided it was time to start something new. Hand lettering and calligraphy was a fun way to help with the wedding planning, and it grew into a hobby I still enjoy today.

     As a kid I would make birthday cards for my siblings and parents, and always loved how a simple card can bring so much joy. As I got older, I started cutting cardstock and experimenting with more intricate designs. When I bought an iPad in 2020, I fell in love with how quickly I could design (and it was mess-free!), but still craved a physical product. I wanted to feel what I created, and be able to gift it. That's when I began creating digital download cards and selling on Etsy (February 2021). 

   Like most millennials out there, I'm a little obsessed with social media. I started watching videos of small business owners packaging and sending their products out on Instagram and was in absolute awe of the amount of detail and intentionality they put into their shipping! I wanted to make an impact like that with my customers, too. Which meant I needed to expand my shop to also include physical products. Enter stickers (September 2021)! 

   My mission is to create products that encourage you to show love to yourself and others. Happy shopping!

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